Genro - Gender Hero
Learning while Playing?
How to win?
In order to win, the players need to either answer the questions about gender inequality or solve the challenges of daily life activities in a limited period of time for earning points. In the end, the player who earned more points till the finish line will win.
Ultimate goals of GENRO
To educate and raise awareness about
real-life gender inequalities all over the world
Discuss and come up with ways how to prevent these discriminations from happening
Feel and understand deeply the responsibility of being a parent
Benefits of the GENRO
  • You will enlarge your knowledge about gender inequalities that happening now while having fun.
  • All of the game cards based on real-life cases and regulations.
  • After gaining some insights, even you can propose creative ways of reduction of inequalities.
  • You will look from a different angle at gender issues.

How to Play
Select one character
The 8 characters are based on prominent Azerbaijani people who were most remembered through history. While playing the game you can choose one of them.

Roll the dice
According to the place you moved to, whether you are going to answer the question, give an opinion about the challenging situation, or answer the question about “Parenthood”. And your answers and responses will determine how many points you earn.
Let's close the gender gap together
The game can be played online or it can be printed out. If you want to play it too, just follow these 3 basic steps.
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Gender Hub Azerbaijan
A social platform that defends women’s rights.
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