Artificial Intelligence
in Education*
Exploring AI basics and applications in education.
*This pricing applies to a group of 25 teachers.
Any additional teachers beyond the initial 25 will incur an extra cost of 100 euros each.
What You'll Get
Explore AI in education with Knewton and DreamBox, craft quizzes, manage admin tasks, check plagiarism, and infuse AI magic in your classroom, inspired by Finland and Estonia's best practices.
  • Understanding the basics of artificial intelligence and its applications in education.
  • Learning personalization through AI tools: Knewton, DreamBox, and Squirrel AI.
  • Developing quizzes and classroom content.
  • Administrative tasks such as grading, scheduling and attendance tracking on AI tools.
  • Plagiarism checking tools.
  • Implementing best AI tool practices from Finland and Estonia in the classroom.
Certification Rewards for Dedicated Educators
All teachers participating in our promoted workshops and classes will receive certificates, recognizing their dedication to professional development and commitment to enhancing their teaching skills. These certificates serve as a testament to their engagement and proficiency in the knowledge acquired during these educational programs.
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