Inskillz & Gender Hub

GenRo - Gender Hero Board Game
Developed in collaboration with Gender Hub Azerbaijan and supported by UNDP Azerbaijan, this game has positively impacted over 500 participants. Inviting players to navigate challenges related to gender inequality and daily life activities, garnered engagement from diverse audiences. Participants earned points by answering questions or solving tasks within a limited timeframe.
The player with the highest score at the finish line
not only enjoyed the thrill of victory but also
contributed to raising awareness about
gender-related issues in an interactive and
impactful manner.
Ultimate goals of GenRo
Fostering awareness and driving positive societal transformation
Unveiling Global Gender Disparities
To enlighten and foster awareness about real-world gender inequalities globally.
Mitigating Discrimination
Explore and devise strategies to prevent the occurrence of these discriminations.
Embracing Parenthood
Embrace and fully grasp the profound responsibility of parenthood.
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