Data Science Literacy (Advanced)*
Advanced Data Science Mastery.
*This pricing applies to a group of 50 students, organized into 2 or 3 groups.
Any additional students beyond the initial 50 will incur an extra cost of 100 euros each.
What You'll Get
This essential course provides a comprehensive journey through data analytics, covering fundamental and advanced topics, equipping participants with practical skills for effective data analysis and ethical decision-making.
  • Day #1
    Day 1 explores Advanced Data Analysis tools.
  • Day #2
    Day 2 centers on Data Visualization and Storytelling.
  • Day #3
    Day 3 immerses participants in Predictive Analytics and Forecasting.
  • Day #4
    Day 4 addresses Data Ethics and Privacy.
  • Days #5, #6 & #7
    Days 5, 6, and 7 are dedicated to the Capstone Project, allowing participants to undertake independent or group data analytics projects, applying the acquired skills and knowledge to real-world scenarios for a comprehensive learning experience.
Certification Rewards for Dedicated Students
All students actively participating in our recommended workshops and courses will be awarded certificates, acknowledging their dedication to personal and academic growth. These certificates stand as a testament to their involvement and proficiency in the knowledge gained throughout these educational programs.
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